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Movie Review: Masterminds (1997)

Oz, a rebellious teenager who just got expelled from his preppy school returns for one final prank. But as he goes to the basement to set things up, he stumbles upon a security consultant, former school employee, that just took the entire school hostage for millions in ransom. Oz must rely on his youth and love for pranks to outwit the devious criminal mastermind.

masterminds 1997 movie review

I gotta admit, back in the late 90’s when this movie just came out, I wanted to watch this solely because I had a huge crush on Vincent Kartheiser before he’s known as Connor from the Angel series or even Pete Campbell from Mad Men series . It’s been more than a decade since I last saw this movie. Recently I saw this movie available on Netflix and I thought, hey, why not? This movie is VERY rare. I don’t think you can find it anywhere so to be able to watch it again on Netflix is awesome.

Masterminds is about this rebellious kid, Ozzie (Vincent Kartheiser) who is also a hacker and had just been expelled from school. He has to take his younger sister to school but then lingers around instead of going home. At the same time, a former school employee Bentley (Patrick Stewart) and his men prepares to take over and locking down the school, asking for millions in ransom. Ozzie is trapped in the school and after knowing his sister is being held as hostage, he tries to outwit the criminals. There are a lot of cat and mouse chase, complicated pranks and lots of KABOOM (as in explosives).

Movie Review Masterminds

It’s definitely a kids action movie. It also has a strong 90’s feel when you look at the computers and the technology. Ah, reminds me of my childhood. Masterminds is not the type of movie that I would enjoy watching now as an adult unless there’s some really cute actors which in this case refers to Vincent Kartheiser. Vincent Kartheiser, Patrick Stewart and Brenda Fricker who plays Principal Maloney did a great job with their parts. Only person that I didn’t like was the stepmom, Helen (Annabelle Gurwitch) who came off as so fake to me, and her character is just plain annoying.

I guess Ozzie is such a genius that he could rewire things, mess around with the programming and softwares in such a short amount of time and also able to steal some explosives and blow up the swimming pool. Most of the things might not seem doable or logical thing to do if it’s a real situation but hey, it’s a movie and I guess they can get away with it.

Overall, it’s an enjoyable movie that’s not meant to be taken seriously. A lot of the scenes are ridiculous, dialogues may seem really bad and cheesy but it’s still quite entertaining. As far as I know, I don’t think this movie has been released in DVD so there might be some difficulties in obtaining this movie but if you have Netflix (I forgot which region), you can stream it. Or maybe it’s available to be downloaded or streamed online somewhere.




Masterminds (1997) on IMDb 
LDG Rating: 3 / 5
Director: Roger Christian
Starring: Brenda Fricker, Patrick Stewart, Vincent Kartheiser, Bradley Whitford, Matt Craven, Annabelle Gurwitch, Jon Abrahams, Katie Stuart

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