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Movie Review: Bonnie & Clyde 2013 Miniseries

Based on the true story of Clyde Barrow, a charismatic convicted armed robber who sweeps Bonnie Parker, an impressionable, petite, small-town waitress, off her feet, and the two embark on one one of most infamous bank-robbing sprees in history.

Bonnie & Clyde 2013 Miniseries Review

I am SO in love with this movie. Before I tell you why, first, for those who didn’t know, the movie is loosely based on the real Bonnie Parker & Clyde Barrow, the glamorized criminals back in the late 20s/early 30s. I should stress the the word LOOSELY, because this movie is not historically accurate. It has been slammed for it, especially since the 3 channels that aired it include HISTORY channel. Yeah, quite surprising.

Bonnie & Clyde 2013 Miniseries Review

But if you want accuracy, you watch documentary. This is a movie. Movies only care about the rating and appeal. And yes, to me this movie is very appealing. I’ve been a fan of the real Bonnie & Clyde story for a long time. When I first saw this movie title listed on Netflix, I kept it in my list for a long time. I thought it was a made-for-TV movie, which sometimes could turn out shit, especially if it’s low budget. Boy, was I wrong.

Bonnie & Clyde 2013 Miniseries Review
Real Bonnie & Clyde vs. Holliday & Emile version

The first thing I love is the perfect casting. I was fangirling and swooning over Emile Hirsch as Clyde Barrow. Holliday Grainger was perfect as Bonnie Parker. She has that perfect 20s/30s look compared to Faye Dunaway in the Bonnie & Clyde movie released in 1967. I’ve only watched clips of that movie but I’m sorry, I didn’t like it. Don’t get me wrong, who wouldn’t like the gorgeous Faye Dunaway and handsome Warren Beatty right? But Faye gave me the strong 60s look. It felt like just a 60s movie, not 30s. I really hate that, considering that it was supposed to take place in the 20s/30s. Why did they make Bonnie blonde anyway? Many people thought this miniseries is a remake of the 1967 movie. No, it’s not.

Blanche Barrow played by Sarah Hyland wasn’t as annoying as the one in the 1967 movie. I’m very glad. Even the real Blanche hated her character in that movie. William Hurt obviously did a great job as Frank Hamer, the former Texas Ranger who hunted and tracked down Bonnie & Clyde, eventually killing them.

Bonnie & Clyde 2013 Miniseries Review

People also questioned why they made Bonnie as the mastermind and took control of Clyde. I love that actually. I love how they made Bonnie the dominant one, which eventually bothered Clyde. Obviously he would want to be the leader, the mastermind, not Bonnie, right? Some people complained about this. But we don’t know that for sure, do we? We don’t know exactly how the real B& C were like because we weren’t there. Again, this movie is definitely not historically accurate, but it’s a movie. If you keep that in mind, you’ll definitely enjoy the story, the setting, the costume, the cinematography and the ‘joyride’. The cinematography is beautiful.

The little disappointment is that after they were killed, the movie ended. I wish there was more on the ‘aftermath’, their death and funeral. I remember reading like 20,000 or so people attended Bonnie’s funeral or something, similar with Clyde. This is not a spoiler by the way. Everyone knew they died, and even if you didn’t prior to watching the movie, they tell you anyway at the beginning. Another disappointment is that they left out some people, especially W.D Jones who was part of the Barrow Gang.

Bonnie & Clyde 2013 Miniseries Review

Overall, it was a very enjoyable movie. I was quite surprised to be honest and how well it was made despite all the complaints about how historically inaccurate the movie is. Yes, lots of flaws, but I was too busy swooning over Emile to even care. It’s a 2 part miniseries, about 4 hours combined. At the time of writing this, the movie is currently on Netflix US so if you have Netflix, you can watch the movie there.


IMDB Rating: Bonnie and Clyde (2013) on IMDb
LDG’s Rating: 5 / 5
Genre: Biography, Crime, Drama
Director: Bruce Beresford
Writers: Joe Batteer, John Rice
Cast: Emile Hirsch, Holliday Grainger, Sarah Hyland, Elizabeth Reaser, Lane Garrison, Holly Hunter, William Hurt
Year: 2013
Language: English
Country: USA
MPAA: Not Rated

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