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Movie Review: Adik Manja Returns (2012)

“Adik Manja Returns” is the long-awaited sequel to the successful “Adik Manja” directed by Othman Hafsham. The story still revolves around the misbehaviour of the female students in a private institution, which has now been taken over by the daughter of the previous headmaster, Pengetua Sofia (Rozita). However, Sofia is unable to control the discipline problems that plague the institution, so she resorts to seeking Azmi (Dharma Harun Al Rashid), something that her late mother advised her to do should she face those problems. Apparently, two rival dance groups known as Shuffle and Hip Hop, which are led by queen bees Bib and Su, respectively, are stirring up trouble among the other students.

Adik Manja Returns Movie Review

First post of 2014! Been very busy last month so I didn’t get to do review. My apologies.

I’m sure majority of us who are a fan of classic movies remember the very popular ‘Adik Manja‘. It was a revolutionary movie directed by Othman Hafsham that was released in 1979/1980 if I’m not mistaken and managed to make RM3.5mil. That’s amazing. What I liked about the original,  is that they touched a subject that was considered very taboo for that era. They touched the issue of sex and illegitimate baby. The movie was funny, clever, sweet, romantic with good story, good plot, and good choice of actors. They had the extremely gorgeous Noor Kumalasari & the hot and handsome Dharma Harun Al Rashid as the main cast.

29 years later, Dharma felt that he wanted to bring back the glory of ‘Adik Manja‘. Boy was it a bad idea. It failed terribly. I was  a fan of Dharma when he was the handsome young lad but apparently he is now delusional. I don’t think he did enough research before making this movie. So much plot holes. ‘Cikgu Azmi‘ (played by Dharma) is old now, no longer the hot and desirable teacher but apparently in this movie, he still think he is. Wtf. This is completely a self-delusional movie, aka ‘syok-sendiri’.

When Cikgu Azmi arrives, the whole school had their jaws dropped and wide open..girls swooning… what? Seriously? Have they never seen a male before? This is not the 80s, I don’t think young girls would go crazy over an old man? I can’t even process that idea..  There’s a scene where Dharma just got out of shower in towel, then there are 2 girls hiding in his closet.. not knowing the girls are there, he then proceed to go NAKED and danced naked in front of his mirror. WHAT. THE. FUCK. Seriously? I nearly vomited my lunch watching him shaking his wrinkly self. Then the farts… why all stupid movies gotta put in the farts? So disgusting.

Adik Manja Returns Review 1

The school itself. Tell me which college still retains the idea of being an ‘all girls’ college? I mean seriously. It’s not like it’s a convent school, or madrasah/Islamic college.. that idea is not relevant anymore. If a college would retain that idea, I think they would not even survive. The students? My God. If monkeys, apes and chimpanzees see their behaviour, the whole species would feel insulted. And wow, the students have SPORTS cars. Like wow, so rich. The dancing scene at the beginning was SO AWKWARD.

I couldn’t concentrate and the movie because it was so horrible. It does not, at all, represent college kids. Script was empty, but of course it would be. It was written by Dharma’s own children. Any qualification in script writing? Highly doubt it.

Adik Manja Returns Review 2

Story? 90% of the movie it’s just nothing. I feel that Dharma just put whatever scenes he wants either to fill time or he thought it’s relevant. There’s Su’s gang and Bib’s gang. Wtf. There are also students who practice black magic. WHAT? I get emo kids, but it seems that in the movie a student is about to be sacrificed. HUH? Usop Wilcha has only 1 min appearance.. not even relevant to the story. Same with the Indian ah long. Urgh. Cikgu Dibah is so similar to Cikgu Bedah… why? What’s the point? Cikgu Bedah was hilarious, Cikgu Dibah is just annoying and not relevant.

Cikgu Azmi didn’t do much in the movie. He didn’t have any effect, unlike in the original movie. He’s delusional that he’s the ‘hero’. Even if he wasn’t in the movie, it still wouldn’t change anything. He suggested there should be a dance competition but with conditions – they need to sign agreement that they would ace their finals if they want the competition. WOW. Suddenly, EVERYONE in the college (mind you these are bad, stubborn kids with serious attitude issue) starts to study, pray, be good just so they can have the dance competition? WHAT? In reality, it would be the college trying their best to get students to join because mostly students won’t give a rat’s ass, let alone ace the exam? I would like to know which college they surveyed because from 2 colleges that I’ve been, only a small minority of over-achievers and scholarship students would study hard. Mostly don’t even care if they fail… so to pass the exam with flying colors just to have dance competition? Very unreal.

Adik Manja Returns Review 3

The competition is so draggy and long and boring. The audition is stupid, then the competition itself is stupid. They just show many ‘contestants’ dancing… what’s the point? It was SO LONG. Then oh my, how predictable, that Su and Bib’s team win even though they were stiff and not even good at dancing, while others were better. I say result is rigged or biased.

Then suddenly Su and Bib’s gang hugs each other and live happily ever after. BULLSHIT. You can’t just get along like that so easily and attitudes can change so easily. But only those two rival gangs ‘changed’ at the end, what about others? What about the black magic gang? The first gang that beat the shit out of the gay boy? The logic in this movie is non-existent.

I do like the beginning when the students prank the teacher, put sleeping pill in the teacher’s drink then dressed the teacher like ‘pocong’ (shrouded ghost). Only that part out of the entire movie is funny. I also like how at the beginning when Cikgu Azmi arrives, he remembers some flashback (from original Adik Manja) represented in animation. It’s original but to those who haven’t watched the original movie, or don’t remember, won’t even know the point of the cartoon animation. It would’ve been better if they use the original clip instead but not sure if it might be copyright issue that he couldn’t obtain the permission to use? Who knows.

Sorry, I wish I could like this movie… I don’t even know why or how Dharma could win best director when this movie only made  RM140k? So suspicious. He said he doesn’t know how to use internet to vote for himself as claimed by some people, but he sure knows how to use facebook… at least his kids do. So… hmmm whatever. Though, maybe there are some who like this movie so I guess it depends on individual’s preference and IQ level. Also it’s not like I’m hating but when I read that Dharma blamed this movie’s bad performance because of an international movie and not accept that this movie is shit just annoyed the hell out of me.



LDG’s Rating: 1 / 5
Genre: Comedy
Director: Dharma Harun Al Rashid
Writers: Dharma Harun
Cast: Dharma Harun, Rozita Che Wan, Maria Tunku Sabri, Faezah Elai, Juliana Evans, Jihan Raja Lawak, Fida
Year: 2012
Language: Malay
Country: Malaysia

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