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Movie Review: Lizzie Borden’s Revenge (2014)

A group of sorority girls are having a slumber party at their house. One of the new sorority girls is Leslie Borden, a descendant of the infamous Lizzie Borden family. They believe that they are holding a harmless séance to conjure the ghost of Lizzie. But they get locked in the house with an evil, vengeful spirit as Lizzie Borden returns to wreak havoc with her axe. One by one, the girls are murdered as they try to figure out how to put an end to the return of Lizzie Borden.

Movie Review Lizzie Borden's Revenge

I couldn’t bear to watch this movie at all so I skimmed through most of it and I will tell you why in a bit. This will be the shortest review I’ve done so far for this blog.

Movie Review Lizzie Borden's Revenge 1

I saw this movie while I was browsing torrent site, and being someone who has always been interested in the Lizzie Borden case, the title instantly grabbed my attention and pique my curiosity. Looking at the poster, I instantly thought this might be another porn movie but there’s nowhere that mentions it is one, so I decided to give a go and download it. Yes, for once I’m not ashamed to admit I’m downloading this movie and there was no regret because I didn’t spend a single cent except my bandwidth (which thankfully is currently unlimited) on this abomination.

Movie Review Lizzie Borden's Revenge2

For the intro, it shows you what Lizzie Borden did in the past in all of low budget glory – from location set, to mediocre stiff acting, cheap lighting and even really low budget blood spattering CGI. Wouldn’t it be more realistic to have someone ducked underneath the camera squirting fake blood from a ketchup bottle? Low budget is never an excuse to produce such shit and not do it right. I suggest they should read the guide of how to make a film with low budget and do it good because if you can’t, it’s better not to do a movie at all. So you see Lizzie Borden hacking and axing her parents.. that’s it. After that for more than half of the movie, you’ll see a bunch of sorority girls who aren’t THAT attractive and wearing really skimpy clothes sit around and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk. Then Lizzie Borden possess a girl and seeks her revenge, or something. I assume killing some or all girls. I don’t know. I failed to care. Even skimming through it got me bored.

There’s no sex but from what I heard, there is one frontal nudity scene but that’s it. It’s not even a porn movie, but the lighting, the setting, the acting will make you think it’s a porn movie and you’ll keep expecting when the sex is gonna happen. Too bad, it doesn’t. So for those of you who want to watch this movie for the sake of watching naked girls getting it on, you’ll be highly disappointed. Stick to true porn.


Yeah, you may need to have some drinks first and get drunk before you’re able to sit through the whole movie without wanting to feel like you want to choke little babies.

But hey, if you like watching a really boring low budget movie of girls with REALLY bad acting skills talking and then running around the house, this might be of an interest to you but sorry, I gotta pass. I can like a low budget film if they are original and worth my time.



IMDB Rating: Lizzie Borden's Revenge (2013) on IMDb
LDG’s Rating: 0 / 5
Genre: Horror
Director: Dennis Devine
Writers: Ted Chalmers (idea), Annie T. Conlon (idea), Dennis Devine
Cast: Jenny Allford, Michael Beardsley, Kelly Erin Decker
Year: 2014
Language: English
Country: USA

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