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Trailer: Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones Trailer (2014)

Another Paranormal Activity related movie?

Paranormal Activity: The arked Ones TrailerApparently, it’s for the Latino market and it’s not a sequel or anything, more like ‘cousin’ to other PA movies.

I basically have lost my interest in this franchise after the first movie. Sure the first one was fresh, and scary as we didn’t expect that type of style at that moment. But then the film just went downhill and became very boring and the whole hidden cam/CCTV/handheld cam type of movie gets really really boring real fast. I never liked Blair Witch Project and I certainly have been cursing and regretting the day I watched ‘Cannibal Holocaust‘ which is said to be the movie that inspired Blair Witch Project.

So I’m not gonna be watching this one.. but even though it was targeted towards the Latino audience, at least it has some kind of story I guess, and it doesn’t look as lame as the other movies… maybe. But apparently, Paranormal Activity 5 will be released October next year. I’m seriously getting tired of this franchise. I don’t know what people find scary about it. They are a definite snooze-fest.


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