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Movie Review: Momok Jangan Cari Pasal (2012)

The third instalment of “Momok” chronicles the development of M. Jamil’s latest directorial. During the movie’s filming, mysterious incidents take place where the cast and crew are allegedly disturbed by “Momok”. Nothing can be done about it, even though Tok Wan, a Malay shaman, is called in to help. Where has Ajaq, the new actor gone? And is Sheril Aida just too into her role or is she possessed? Will M. Jamil ever finish his film?

Momok Jangan Cari Pasal

I reviewed the trailer of Momok Jangan Cari Pasal before. I don’t even have the mood or interest to review this movie but I said before I’ll review it once I’ve watched it, and I did watch it, so that means I did not waste 1 hour+ to watch this piece of junk without reviewing it. So let’s start and get this over with.

Let me start by saying that there is absolutely NO positive things about this movie – is it even a movie? I don’t even know what species this abysmal creation that they call a ‘film’ is. I feel sorry for all the production crews that were involved in this and wasted their time. This is by far, the shittiest piece of shit I’ve ever watched and that is saying something considering a lot of trashy comedy horror (mainly from Metrowealth) that I’ve watched. Good thing is, I didn’t waste my money on this. Nevermind that it took over 1 year to be shown on Astro Citra.

This movie has absolutely no plot, despite what the synopsis says. It’s a film we call, ‘syok sendiri‘ (self-glorification) but that’s what this entire movie is about. It’s about M.Jamil making a fool out of himself. It’s all about him. He tries to make it like a ‘behind the scene’ type of movie, but everything is just.. I don’t even have a word for it. First of all, apart from M.Jamil and Ruminah Sidek’s 2 minutes appearance, everybody is a nobody. You don’t know them, they have no sex appeal, some of them looks so.. blergh.. how does that going to appeal to the audience? Heck, it’s ‘behind-the-scene’ type and nobody can act, not even M.Jamil! That baffles me.

The poster is the work of a 5 year old learning Microsoft paint. Yeah. Not even photoshop, MICROSOFT PAINT. This bothers me so much because when I was in college, even my classmates who had absolutely no experience with art, design and photoshop could make a better film poster than this movie’s promo poster. Whoever did the CGI for this movie should be fired from the industry. I don’t know if it’s because of low budget, or the animator is highly unqualified or the director is aiming for a really shitty movie.

Let me break down some points that I want to highlight.


There’s unnecessary sound effects that makes the film sounds, look and feel goofy. There are long fart jokes. Then there are random musical number that makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE with singing so out of tune and music so 80s (more like the tune to MJ’s Thriller) were like tortures to my ears. Don’t believe me? Watch it yourself.

Then you see really bad and cheap animation bouncing off the screen like static pic of ghostbuster-like ghost.. what. the. hell is that?? The CGI is SO AWFUL! Like a school student trying to learn basic animation. Is it because of low budget? If this movie has small budget, maybe it SHOULDN’T BE MADE IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Want to show how it is to make low budget movie, M. Jamil? Go watchEl Mariachi’ by Robert Rodriguez. With just $7k budget, THAT’S how you make a good and successful low budget film.

The singing part is totally random. What’s the point in that?? Seriously? Is this movie a horror movie, a comedy or a musical? The cast would randomly start singing throughout the movie with the so out-of-tune song. They all look awkward and probably thinking, “What the hell am I doing?”  All of a sudden they would be playing football in the field, then singing.. urgh. Makes no sense at all.

The annoying music is nonstop and sometimes the voice is too soft and not audible (since it’s behind-the-scene so I assume there’s no dubbing).


The characters were all awkward, because they are not meant to act – they’re not actors yet they tries too hard because they are, in fact, trying to ‘act’ natural. Everyone’s so stiff. I don’t even know how to describe the awkwardness. It’s meant to show spontaneity but no, it makes you want to throw rocks at how awkward and fake they are.

The ghost are not scary at all. Not only the actors, but even the ghosts want to  The possession, totally wtf moment. The character named ‘Ajaq’, I couldn’t understand a word he was saying.


If you look at the credits, they’ve divided the credits into 4 sections: Pontianak, Rasuk, Pocong, Bunian


What’s the point? Because in all of those sections, they’re the SAME actors.. so basically you’re seeing the name of the same actors for 4 times, with exception of one or two actors that appeared in certain scenes. I didn’t even know the movie is divided into 4 sections anyway. Plus, it’s totally not necessary.

The whole movie is an epic fail. The more I think about it, the angrier I get. I’m just in complete disbelief that such movie is released THEATRICALLY, like released for the CINEMA for people to BUY tickets to go and watch! It’s a very low quality movie and I feel sorry for those who spent money to buy the tickets. I heard people left after 10 minutes. This movie is a complete disgrace to the Malaysian film industry.

AVOID THIS MOVIE AT ALL COST. Unless you want to dumb yourself down and decrease your IQ level.

I’m sorry if I sounded mean in this review but seriously, I’ve been the nicest possible in this review for this piece of garbage movie because every time I watch this movie, I feel like choking little babies and then stab myself repeatedly in the heart. I feel embarrassed watching this kind of movie, Every minutes of watching this, I feel my IQ declining. I don’t even know how M.Jamil can even proudly call himself the director of this garbage. If I was the director of this movie, I would kill myself to end everyone’s misery.

Now the biggest question is, why did FINAS approve this movie? Did it involve bribery?

I’m sad looking at the quality of Malay films. Even the box office hits are not worth watching, let alone box office flops like this one.

“Filem sampah yang paling sampah”.

I give this movie 0 star. It doesn’t deserve any.

PS: Read the movie review from Chillout. You’ll laugh your flipping head off at how badly they try to lie and hide their pain and tries to sugarcoat everything because they were invited by the filmmaker to watch it so they were forced to do a positive review. Hahaha. Hilarious. This is why you should only read honest reviews from people, not fake reviews.

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