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Trailer: Momok Jangan Cari Pasal – WTF?

WTF.. Just WHAT THE EFF is this?

The third instalment of “Momok” chronicles the development of M. Jamil’s latest directorial. During the movie’s filming, mysterious incidents take place where the cast and crew are allegedly disturbed by “Momok”. Nothing can be done about it, even though Tok Wan, a Malay shaman, is called in to help. Where has Ajaq, the new actor gone? And is Sheril Aida just too into her role or is she possessed? Will M. Jamil ever finish his film?

The first Momok that was released in VCD format only was one of my favorite straight-to-VCD movies. It wasn’t scary, but it wasn’t stupid either. Surprisingly it was enjoyable with a good set of casts – Datuk Aziz Satar, Abon, etc. Since majority are seasoned veterans, so their acting shouldn’t be questioned. The stories were quite creepy but funny. I especially love the pocong part. It was creepy but when the pocong that was hopping, laughing like a maniac then suddenly bumps into a tree, that got me laughing hysterically. It seemed natural & hilarious.

Momok Jangan Cari Pasal

But I guess the movie somehow received popularity or something? Because then the director M.Jamil decided to remake Momok: The Movie for theatrical release. I was excited, not so much on the cast. Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed. The movie was so-so. It lacked the charm the original had even though this time they had more money to make a better  movie. The effect looked cheap. It was just alright.

Then come Momok – Jangan Panggil Aku. MEDIOCRE. It was boring as hell. I actually fell asleep from boredom. Luckily I watched it on TV and didn’t spend money to buy ticket. I had quite a high expectation on this because I knew some of the crews, and hearing so much about the shooting really excites you. But the outcome? Such a HUGE disappointment. The special effect? My grandma could do it better.

Then comes this – Momok: Jangan Cari Pasal and I didn’t even know about it until I checked TGV ‘s website and accidentally saw the listing for this movie. My first thought after watching the trailer – What the fuck is this shit? I had respect for M. Jamil after the first VCD movie but if what I saw in the trailer is what he had done with the 3rd instalment – then I’ve lost whatever respect I had. It seems such a low quality movie with cheap special effect that only college students can do (wait, some can do way better) plus stupid gimmicks and unnecessary sound effects. WHY RUIN MOMOK FRANCHISE? Should’ve stopped after the first movie.

The purpose of trailer is to entice viewers, to excite us, to tease us, to preview what we would expect in the movie. First impression is crucial because if the trailer is garbage, then imagine what the movie would be like? Nobody would want to see it. If this is what I’m seeing, my first impression is no thanks. Peeling potatoes would be more fun. I feel so dumb after watching the trailer.  The declining of maturity and quality in our stupid comedy horror genre that shouldn’t even exist is worrying me.

But for the sake of this blog, I will watch it when it comes out on TV and review it here.

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